Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Did you know that you have a lot of power? Well, maybe not in terms of wealth or influence or political power, but you do have power. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the power of choice. And that power goes a long way toward giving you the ability to lead a healthy life.

There’s a good reason why choice is the first principle in the Creation Health model, because the choices we make day by day and moment by moment determine how we live and how healthy we are. And the first step in becoming healthy is simply to decide to do it.

A story in the book Creation Health Discovery tells about a young doctor who was overweight and beginning to experience health problems. Aware that heart problems ran in his family, one day he looked at his newborn daughter and thought, “I’d really like to see her grow up.” But he also realized that unless he made some lifestyle changes, he might not be around to see that happen. So right then and there, he made a choice. He decided to begin an exercise program. He stuck with it and lost 40 pounds. He had chosen to take charge of his health.

For that young doctor, living long enough to interact with his children and even grandchildren as they grow up was the motivating factor. I don’t know what or who is important to you, but I challenge you today to think about why you want to be healthy and then choose to work toward that goal. You can do it. Remember, it’s all about choice.


The Wellness Lady

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